Agnimitra Paul
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Agnimitra Paul

Agnimitra Paul , popularly known as Agni, is born and brought up in Asansol, West Bengal. She has done MBA from Jadavpur University and Diploma in Fashion designing from Birla Institute of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences.

She started her career in 1997 with her designer label 'INGA' while keeping stress on 'AGNIMITRA PAUL'. Her designer ensembles with distinct signatures are displayed at many prominent exhibitions expressing Simplicity, Values, Cultural Ethos, Differentiation and Modernity in unbelievable way.

Her Sheer Hard work, Focused Ambition, Admirable Presentation, Innovative Designs, Speaking Colors and Custom Formulations makes her distinguished client list cutting across Caste, Creed, Religion and Gender. No wonder; that a segregated section of Celebrities representing the Mumbai film industry and the Kolkata film industry, Politics and Sports feels proud in wearing her signature labels. The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh has also worn her designer stole and US secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton also sent her a letter appreciating her work.

She has done many Fashion Shows in India and Abroad, and the significance of her fashion shows has always been that it has been done for a noble cause whether for the visually challenged children of ‘National Association for the Blind’ or for the acid burned victims of Dhaka. She has been outstandingly covered by Print and Electronic media in West Bengal. Simply an Awesome display of Women Power!

All these actions brought significant attention not only from her Clients alone, but millions appreciate her various Social and Charitable causes. AGNIMITRA’s forte is Western silhouettes along with Indian sensibility. She loves using Indian textiles and the exquisite craftsmanship of the thousands of artisans of India specializing in Kantha, Block Printing and Madhubani Painting. She prefers to walk the ramp with the poor artisans as show stoppers rather than celebrities which others do.

Agnimitra has worked with Indian and Western attires alike; with panache. Her USP ? definitely the glam quotient, the desire to have her clientele stand out in a crowd with her unusual cuts, her vibrant colors and judicious choice of wearable fabrics. The ‘AGNIMITRA PAUL’ label is positioned in a manner where the woman of substance can find a range of wear that dares to be different while the aspirant to the fashion scene can quickly get into stride through the wide choice of prêt and couture wear that comes from Agni’s stable.

Women who value Pulchritude are likely to flock to Agnimitra, who proves that you can look Glamorous and create Enchantment. Her creations reach out to a Confident and Independent individual who are looking forward to make a Western Statement while at the same time keeping the Indian Exotic touch intact.

Her dream …. her brand ‘INGA’ ‘AGNIMIRA PAUL’ will be worn and appreciated by the crème de la crème of Berlin, Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo but also becomes the most treasured possession of the little village girl residing in one of the remotest villages of India……. Her dream is that her brand should touch every human chord.