Aruna Singh
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Aruna Singh

Work which started as necessity for Aruna to create her own choice of clothing which was not available easily, became a hobby and then passion.

In 1998 she created her own label ‘Aruna singh’ and continues to operate from her Rajasthan hometown Jaipur. Her collection is exhibited at her studio ‘Jaipur Khazana’.

Today she concentrates on creating chic styles with extraordinary finesse on complete range of feminine wear, her forte is a fusion of traditional art including hand and screen block printing, gota-patti, aari, and now works for promotion of hand woven khadi fabric both cotton and woollen. Her mission is to make every individual embellished in garments which bring pride to their being evoking a style statement of their own.

Aruna Singh is a Registered member of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). Recently, she was appointed as Director of Rajasthan Dastkar protsahan sangh to promote artisans. She has been participating in Indian fashion weeks from last eight years. She has recently showcased her collections in BPJIFW(Blender’s Pride Jaipur International Fashion Week), BPPIFW (Blender’s Pride Punjab International Fashion Week Oct 11), Kingfisher Premium Chennai International Fashion Week April11. She is the fashion consultant for DNA after Hours Jaipur. She highlighted the Royal Rajputana wear in her show collection at the Jaipur International Fashion Week in September 11.