Hari Anand
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Hari Anand

Hari’s futuristic mind makes his ensemble appealing to the world, not restricting it to the Indian ethos alone, and his collections wear a timeless, classic look that spells sophistication whatever the age.

Although his forte is experimenting with diaphanous fabrics like pure georgettes, chiffons and crepe for the fall and beauty it lends to enhance a woman’s natural sensuality, he does not hesitate to work with fabrics that he finds unique and exceptional.

Beginning this year, he has forayed into defining style statements for the male bastion as well.

Believing that god is in the details, he draws his inspiration from the art of Zen-the less is more concept. This is highly perceptible in his work,. As he advocates his favourite expression, ‘beauty lies within …. Just give it a nudge to bring it forth”.

Most high fashion designer boutique, GLADA conceived by fashion designer Hari Anand with his sharp eye for detail is marked in the fine architectural details deployed throughout the 2000 sq ft.

“a boutique talks a lot about the designer”. And so Hari Anand has given it the attention and signature style it deserves. Its classic black interiors with European steam beech roofing, flamed granite floors and cozy leather couches all add to its aura of style and sophistication.

Synonymous with high fashion, chic cuts and impeccable finish, the boutique aims to develop ones' personality and individual style by incorporating the added benefit of bespoke service to ensure that each customer leaves with nothing but a striking unforgettable ensemble.

With its wealth of craftsmanship, textiles and weaves, the boutiques have been the first port of call for the elite fashionable since its inception in 1990.

“the language of love needs no words”- Osho - and the designer believes in just that. His language of love and communication is his fabric, color and design.

Glada is an embodiment of the designer’s state of mind – a stigmatic fuse of strategy, design and technique against the classic black walls of the interiors, your eyes would be immersed in a stunning collection flush with color.

Hari’s concoctions conjure up a lot of style and ease – with all pieces soaked in a mélange of detailing – appliqué to print to embroidery to texturing. Paving down his line to suit people of all generation, each piece is a reflection of the designer’s artistic statements.

Hari Anand works for the cause of supporting talented and creative artisans from across India, exploring the traditional arts and crafts of each region.

The designer’s aesthetic sense of mind and self-expression, together with the exquisite dexterity of the skill of his artisans, results in the reproduction of innumerable creative handmade designs. These imposed onto fabrics of Hari’s choice churn out ensembles that are truly a piece de resistance.

Great thought is given to ensure that every statement crafted complies with international standards of finesse and perfection.

Standing tall with innovation and high design sense is this alumnus of JD institute of fashion, Mumbai, pursuing his penchant for experimenting with designs, colors and fabrics.