James Ferreira
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James Ferreira

It will end like it began, with a piece of cloth.

James Fereira's design philosophy is instantaneously recognizable in his flowing garments; from a weave to a drape, to a cut, and finally a silhouette, which remains nothing but one single piece of cloth.

A master draper, James begins his design process by draping on a mannequin, until perfection of form, flow and drape is achieved, from which the first samples are born. His clothes sensually fit around the human body, epitomizing simplicity, feminity, drape and beauty.

"I have been too fashion forward with my Western clothing for the Indian woman. I know my time in India is now just beginning with all the social changes that are taking place; the Indian contemporary woman is beginning to appreciate the simplicity, wearability, and drape of my garments."

"I chose not to participate actively in the Indian Fashion industry for all these years. I felt I would lose the essence of whom I was, by working for a mindset that did not quite get fashion as I saw it. I was not willing to take the risk of losing my way, by getting caught up in the commercialization of my clothes, just to sell, by catering to the needs of the Indian woman."

James maintains an atelier in Khotachiwadi, an old Heritage area, in his home city of Mumbai. He minimized his presence, showing only every now and again in boutiques in Mumbai, and primarily sells from his atelier. "I made a decision to perfect my techniques over the past 20 years. I have cultivated a very loyal and global clientele whom I sell to directly. I much prefer the one on one experience, selling to customers who understand and get what I am about. I have learnt a lot in the process as well."

The Haute Couture Dream

While fashion is shaped by the haute couture dream, the couture Industry struggles with the increasing costs of production, and the limitation of a very select consumer market. While excessive media attention is gained by over the top couture shows, couture creates an image, a dream of the intangible, of beauty, desirability, and exclusiveness that a larger customer base can buy into.

"I design beautiful clothing that the modern woman can wear; she is confident, independent, fun loving, and feminine, and has ample opportunity to dress in exquisite clothing."

The James Ferreira prêt a porter collection from India, uses quality and natural fabrics, focuses on details such as hand embroidery, and hand finishing, with excessive detail to design, drape, cut and finish, all produced with a single piece of cloth!