Trishaan Singh Maini
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Shakespeare King is the only son of his parents Dr. Sailendra Narayan Tripathy, a professor in English and Ashoka Tripathy, a teacher in English literature. Born in Behrampur, Orissa on the 1st of December 1991, Shakespeare set out to find his career in the glamour Industry as a model and soon pursued acting. His older sister Leslie Tripathy is a Bollywood Actor.

Shakespeare personally feels that he knows that he belongs to the Camera and to the world not because of his talent or handsomeness, but because he has never belonged to anything or anyone else. His favourite quote is “I won’t be happy till I’m as famous as God.”


Done over 45 ad films for Indian Pakistani srilankan Bangladesh & south Indian products .

Namely - Bubaloo coolmint , Lays with Dhoni , Miranda with Asin , Dominoz, Sonear Plywood , Pepper fry furniture, Nokia x200, Samsung guru phones & many more .


Main lead in a French International Film “ La Reunion Island”

Main lead in Bollywood film “ Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai” directed by Nazar Khan ( screened at Cannes Film Festival)

Main lead in Bollywood Film “ Mumbai Diaries” directed by Daboo Mallik

Main lead in Bengali Film “Bidehi”

Directed and acted in two short films “Maya” and “The Classroom of life”

Telivision Serials

*   Fictional shows
-   Big F on Mtv
-   Gumraah season 5 on Channel V
-   Yeh hai aashiqui ishq ka siyaapa on Utv Bindaas

*  Reality shows
-  Crunch on MTv
-  Exhausted on Channel V
-  Idea V the Player on Channel V


*  Stage – “Ram Leela” - kathak based danced drama under Guruji Jayanti Mala - daughter of Kathak legend Sitara Devi ,

*  live music & performances by Anup Jalota - Bhajam Samrat

*   English Play – “Is it love or Just Business” - directed by Rohini Bhatia Singh