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  • HARI ANAND ( Internationally renowned Fashion Designer )
    Most people are surrounded by pessimists, saboteurs, complainers, critics and "energy vampires" - all dragging you down into mediocrity. If you've been feeling that negative pull in your life, this could be the most important person you have ever discovered. Lovell’s Academy, you will get reliable advise using a powerful individualized, tailor-made, result-oriented and structured approach to help you survive the odds in your journey to realise you own self.
    Training is his passion, not his trade ... and mark my words, "whoever you spend time with is who you will become, so choose well."

  • JATTINN KOCHHAR ( Award Winning Celebrated Fashion Designer )
    It's always been a pleasure to work with Lovell..his dedication to his craft is remarkable.. He's got the Midas touch to solve any problem, tackle any situation with his charming smile... all the very best my friend!

  • PRAKASH SUDARSHAN ( Bollywood Actor, MMA Exponent, Fitness and Action Consultant )
    They say that an average teacher tells you, a good teacher teaches you but, a great teacher inspires you. My teacher Mr. Lovell Prabhu has always inspired me. Since the very first time I met him thinking that I would just give him my pics, my work profile and just talk to him for ten minutes. Once I met him ... we spoke for an hour and a half. Unlike all the other Industry people I met then, he just said to me ... that I can be and achieve whatever I wished to achieve if I have the passion for it. He made me understand that luck doesn’t create anything but, we create our own luck. Before I even knew it I was taken under his wing and I got the best education in and through his training sessions. He is someone who taught us where to look but never imposed on us what to look. That truly helped me get a strong undeterred focus on what I wished to achieve.
    I was struggling hard to get a break into Hindi films as an actor. I got my first film “Fast Forward” where I auditioned and I was selected, we were at the director’s office. The director said to us that he didn’t have a character for me but he would create a character for me in his film looking at my performance. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Lovell Sirs teachings. I have done films in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and today it’s thanks to him and his teachings I have worked in my first Hollywood Film called “Heartbeats” directed by Mr Duane Adler (He has written the screen play for all the Step Up series) it will release early next year.
    The most fascinating thing about Lovell Sir is that he doesn’t want to change a student but taps into their potential bringing out the very best in them. It’s been around 11 years since my first day in his class and I still yearn to go back to his session just to listen to him. When the people of this industry were talking about problems he was the one who showed us the infinite possibilities. I know it sounds too cliché ... to say that I owe him everything, but to be honest if it wasn’t for him I would have been an empty shell. He is the one who made me understand that it is upto us what we make of our life... a mess ... or a message for everyone.
    Thank You for being you Sir. Love you way beyond measure Sir.

  • IRIS MAITY ( Bollywood Actress, Indian Super Model )
    When talking about lovell sir. . He has always been a father figure to me. .he has given me the confidence to walk .. talk or even face the industry ..thanks for always being there as my support system. . You are nothing less than my family .. I owe u a lot sir .. luv u.

  • SANDIP SOPARRKAR ( Indian ballroom dancer and Bollywood choreographer )
    "The world knows Lovell Prabhu as an amazing fashion choreographer but, for me he is a man with a Golden Heart. He is a pioneer in teaching modelling to young aspirants and I am proud to say that I do feature in his long list of students.
    Lovell taught me a very important lesson in life; "To be honest to oneself on and off stage". These magical words by Lovell always ring in my ears and I shall admit that they have got me where I am today. Thank you Lovell for being a true friend, a guide and a wonderful teacher."

  • YANA GUPTA ( Super Model, Face of Kingfisher Airlines and Kingfisher Calendar )
    “I was lucky to meet Lovell through a friend of mine and actually it was the best that happened to me, because if I had not met him I would have not really tried to pursue modelling here in India because people were giving me different information here and there were people who actually told me initially that I can’t model here. He gave me the right advice that was really important for me initially.”

  • VERMA DEMELLO ( Internationally acclaimed Goan based Fashion Designer )
    As a fashion designer always on the move with hundred things to do back stage on the “Big Day” it’s great to have Lovell give the final touches while the models take on the ramp before the audience.
    Lovell has achieved his effectiveness through choreography, co-ordination, props and innovative concepts in the fashion shows he has produced for me.
    Lovell has many extraordinary qualities and I’m proud to name a few here; he is collaborative, creative, super-quick on his feet, candid, sweet natured, never a screamer or an abuser, never gets rattled, is always prepared has spot-on attention to detail and is a lovely, kind, smart professional. In fact, he is the consummate professional!
    He has access to the hottest talent including models, entertainment and technical support/staging.
    Having worked with Lovell at many different venues throughout India for last few years, he is a smart blend of artist and practitioner, with that rare combination of vision and detail. He has a keen sense of aesthetics, is always tuned in to the most current and hip trends in music and production values, but most importantly, he is an exceptional communicator, so he is able to pull together remarkable performances from all concerned.”

    Every beautiful and mighty structure or monument made in this world needs a very strong base. The stronger the base, the taller and higher the peak of the structure gets.
    Once I became Lovell sir's student, and made him my mentor, i can rightly say that he made my base stronger day by day, ignited the fighting spirit in me, made sure my confusions and assumptions are cleared off by showing me a way to work hard the right way and achieve success and made me realise the value & worth of Persistence, Love & Patience I needed to make a name for myself in a totally new industry I was planning to enter.
    Lovell sir made me believe strongly that my success does not depend on the fact that i don't have any family background in this industry, which made me gain a huge amount of confidence in myself day by day. His teachings which covered everything from grooming, to right manners, to working ethics and to everything else including our very own existence in this world, will always be unforgettable and pearls of wisdom for me. There is a lot more to say and share, because just the way a mentor loves his students, in the very same way, a student loves his mentor as well.
    I am thankful to Lovell sir, for being my mentor and giving me his unconditional love and support always.

  • GAURAV KUMAR ( Fitness Pro Athlete, Fashion Photographer, Fitness Author, Winner of numerous
       National & International titles in Body building & Physique Sports )

    Lovell Prabhu - A creative genius, with a wonderful heart!!
    I have been truly blessed to work with Mr Lovell Prabhu as a fashion model.
    He is an excellent grooming expert, perhaps the finest in the industry, and has an undying zeal to work with perfection.
    His greetings and Nobel thoughts are ever inspiring, and following them have given a new direction to my life!
    I have ultimate gratitude for him, not only as a mentor but a wonderful human being too.

  • SHRAVAN REDDY ( Popular TV Actor )
    Lovell Sir is one man .... Without whose support I wouldn't have managed to get thru the initial few years, Because as an outsider the city, the industry, the whole system was so Alien to me!! His guidance and his love is what made me pass that stage!! Whatever little work I am doing today and the person I am is because of the foundation he laid within me!!
    P.S - Probably I never conveyed this to him directly but "I Love him a lot and I miss him very often in Mumbai.

  • MANISH RAISINGHAN ( Popular TV Actor )
    They say well begun is half done... and to have a great beginning you need a great teacher... and that's my story..... The teacher... the hero of my "well begun" story is Lovell sir... it might not be a great idea to open his li'l secret here but this man trained me almost for free as I couldn't afford him... n I will always be grateful to this lovely man who did all that he could to make me all that it takes to build a solid foundation to my career which I never in my dreams I thought I would pursue! Thank u Lovell for being the guiding light in the direction of the path I am walking today.... This path was never designed for me but u helped me pave my path to be where I am today... Thank u!